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Overview of Our Site

Starting & running a coin operated laundromat has become one of the most profitable, turn-key, least risky businesses to start according to coin-op magazine.  At Starting A Laundromat, we provide the step-by-step information needed to successfully operate a coin operated laundromat.

According to the Coin Laundry® Association, there are roughly 35,000 coin laundries in the United States, generating nearly $5 billion in gross revenue annually, and that coin laundries range in market value from $50,000 to more than a $1 Million.

The coin laundry industry is approximately 60 years old and is primarily composed of individual owner/operators who for the most part rent out commercial retail space in densely populated areas throughout the United States, exceptionally and predominately near large apartment complexes and rental units.  If you can set up even a small laundromat near an apartment complex or densely populated area, you will begin to see immediate profits.

Clean clothes, shelter & food are considered a necessity of life, and coin laundries provide a basic health service for millions of Americans on a daily basis.

Interestingly, as of the 2000 U.S. census, 31 percent of the nations 116 million households were renter occupied.

Whether you are looking to start your own independent coin laundry business or seeking a franchise opportunity, we are confident that you will find everything you need to successfully start, run & operate a highly profitable, self-sufficient automated coin laundry business.

The coin laundry business is unique, separating it from other traditional types of labor-intensive businesses.  The laundry business is like the coin-vending industry on steroids.  There's no overhead, very little maintenance or need for labor, just pure profit.

The coin-laundry business has proven itself to be a recession proof business that has weathered both good and bad economic times over 60 years with no real impact on revenues, since everybody needs clean clothes, just like every one needs shelter and food.  Just visit your local laundromat, ask to speak to the owner.  They will tell you that their businesses are thriving and have experienced no major downturns.

With over 30 years running our own coin-laundry business, which is now a multi-million dollar franchise, we can honestly say that it is one of the few business where minimal, if any physical or administrative labor is needed.

As with any businesses, there are expenses, but with the coin laundry business, you will have the upper hand and the risk of business failure will be extremely low.

You simply set up your laundromat, and forget it and the money will come in, not only through the change machines, but also additional services you can offer, such folding & ironing clothes, vending, Internet access, video games, etc....

Laundromats are different than they were twenty years ago.  The fact is, nobody really likes doing laundry, but doing it now has become more comfortable and some ways enjoyable.   Coin Laundry customers can now surf the web, eat, watch TV. & play games to make the time by go faster transforming it from a tedious chore to an easy task.

We show you how to open your own coin laundromat, whether you want to start out with one machine or several.  Our aggressive growth, industry-tested plan will provide you with the tools & industry know-how to steadily grow your business, using money generated from your machines to acquire additional machines through re-investing and leverage techniques to maximize profit and take advantage of unused commercial retail space.

Remember, your overall goal is to eliminate nearly all of your expenses eventually and simply reap in PURE PROFITS consistently from your operation.  You don't need a 100 machines to start.  Using our featured guide, you will learn how to start small and grow your business from as little as one machine with little to no money.

Some expenses you will incur are machine maintenance, which is very little, water, commercial retail space.  The more profitable accommodations you make for your customers, the less your expenses will be.

Profits from your business will eventually exceed the price you paid for your machine.  From that point on, you've made your money back and are reaping in absolute profits for yourself.  And you don't need brand new commercial machines.  Any washer will do to start, which you can buy used for $50.  Just attach a coin-slot onto it and you're ready to go.



 As owners of a coin laundry franchise, "once independent", we are now revealing our inside industry secrets that have proven reliable over the past three decades in the coin laundry business.  Unfortunately, many of the guides offered on the web are written by freelancers & publishers who are not experts in their industry, and rather they are simply selling an eBook without real world, hands on know-how.

Our guide, which has been featured on T.V., radio stations, web casts & offline publications, including coin-op mag, has been voted as an authoritative guide to starting a truly profitable & viable coin laundry business with little to no money using resources you already have.  That's right, whether you have only a few hundred dollars or a few thousand, you'll be able to employ our business startup tactics to open a pure profit cash generating business.

Some of the knitty gritty stuff in the guide will show how to acquire a lot of used washing machines from apartment complexes and commercial washing equipment auctions below market prices, and convert them into coin operated machines.

Used washing machines can be purchased for as little as $25 that may need a little tinkering, or $50 for a working one.  High end commercial machines can be purchased for as little $100 per unit, and within our resources section, you'll find out where to buy them used behind closed doors.

Our featured guide will take you step-by-step so you will enable you to determine for yourself how big of an operation you can start and the industry-proven information to get started making money immediately.

We will also show you the inside secrets to advertise your business 100 different FREE/Low Cost ways to reign in business and offer additional innovative services that will put local competitors at a disadvantage.

One thing we've learned is that you must be creative and efficient if you want to dominate your local market, and we will show you how it's done!!!


Coin Laundromats Can Generate $50k to $1 Million A Year Depending How Big

Your Operation Is, and What Services You Offer!

Making money in this business is fairly straight forward.  You simply get the proper business licenses from your corporate licensing division in your city & state, rent out a commercial retail space where there is traffic, buy the machines and start advertising.  Depending on the size of your operation, you can make as little as $50k to $1 million a year.

We feel that we've refined the art of running a profitable coin laundromat.  In the retail industry, the key to any business is to take advantage of every square foot of your commercial rental space and profit from it.  We feel that empty space is a revenue loss.

At your laundromat, you may offer additional services, such as ironing & folding clothes, vending services such as detergent, snacks and drinks that will boost your revenue and help cover your machine maintenance & rental costs.

We emphasize throughout this site and in our guide how comfort plays a critical role in your day to day operations.

You want your customers to have an incentive to come back to you each time they need to wash their clothes.  This is accomplished by offering complimentary services such as Internet Access, T.V. & Free Coffee/Water and donuts or something along those lines.  Believe it when we say it that the small things make the biggest impact on a consumers decision when choosing a laundromat.   They want to know that they're wanted and appreciated, and by hiring an attendant offering to assist customers and chat, they will keep coming back.

The goal is to make it as less painless as possible when your customers come in, and if you play your cards right, you will become one of the more dominant coin laundromats in the area.

We'll show you how to snap up customers from other laundromats not just by offering complimentary services, but undercutting them by 25%.  That's right, start with cheap machines, and offer laundry services for 25% less than your competitors.

You see, many other laundromats think that big expensive commercial machines will draw customers in, and assume will retain their loyalty.  The fact is, most people just want their clothes clean, whether it's a big expensive machine or a cheap standard home washing machine.  If it does the job, they're happy.

You can undercut all of your competitors by purchasing used or low cost commercial machines, so you're not under pressure make up for the money you invested, compared to your competitors laundromat who sunk in $50,000 for their high end machines have not proven to do a better job cleaning than a standard washer.

A simple, tactical common sense approach to the industry is all that you need to begin swaying customers away from your local competitors.

As discussed in our guide, you will want to light, profitable and nimble in this industry.  If you can achieve that, you will be successful.



Many people ask us why they should start a coin operated laundromat, rather than some other type of business.  The answer is simple:  Because the coin laundry business offers the least amount of risk and overhead, yet more profit than any other standalone, automated business.

Carving a niche in your local market is easy...  You see, many of the coin laundry's have not kept up with accommodating their customers.  They're simply relying on their washers & dryer's and maybe a vending machine.

We teach you how to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd by offering lower prices and more complimentary services than other laundromats.  The more services and customer service you offer, the more an upper hand you'll have.

By the end of this year, industry analysts expect annual revenues generated from coin laundromats will exceed $6 billion dollars.  Thousands of new coin laundries are popping up each year and the demand seems to be unlimited.  Simply by choosing to rent a commercial retail space in a densely populated area will no doubt prove to be a very profitable venture.  By offering convenience & complimentary services, we know that you will be successful.

Independent Vs. Franchise

There are basically two ways to go about starting your own coin op laundry business.  The first one is to open an independent store with your own name, or become a franchisee.

We recommend starting out with your own Independent Coin Laundry Business.  The public in general are not too swayed by franchise names when it comes to cleaning their clothes.  They're looking to get the most bang for their buck.

Franchises are good if you're the owner of the organization.  In time, when you grow your business, you may offer franchise opportunities, but we would not recommend starting a franchise out of the gate as a main source of income.  We run both independent and are owners of company that offers franchise opportunities.

As a franchise, you must give up 50% of your profits. As an independent shop owner, you keep 100% of the profits.

If you're looking to set up a big time income operation you need as much revenue and leverage as you can get, and giving  away 50% of your profits may be too much, unless you're just looking to make a reliable, modest income.

We've grown with the industry and know the pro's and con's of both operating an independent and coin operated business.  We suggest paving your own road, and making the money you need to truly grow your business.  Once you grow your business, then YOU may offer franchise opportunities to those that are interested, and you'll reap in 50% from every franchisee underneath you.




The fact is, any one from any country can start their own coin laundry.  Even though our guide is geared for use in North America, the tactics, business start up plans, and resources can be applied to any country and region in the world. 

In fact, there are many regions where coin operated laundries do no exist, and you would be a pioneer in your area if you know how to tap into it.

Many of our customers who purchase our guide have successfully set up coin operated laundries not only in the U.S. & Canada, but also applied our guide to countries in Asia, Africa, Europe & Australia.

Within our International Business Startup Section, you will find all of the resources you need to open a coin laundry in your city, state / country using the sample principles in our guide.

If standard or commercial washing machines are too expensive where you live, you'll find a complete section on how to go about Import/Exporting Standard & Commercial Washing Machines to and from your home country.

BUYING WHOLESALE - This section provides resources, tools, & inside industry contacts to purchase your washers and dryers used or new at rock bottom prices, hidden from public view.

A Coin Laundry Business Startup Formula That Can Be

Applied In Any Country In The World



$100-$200 and your on your way!

As described through our site, you will find that it really doesn't matter how much capital you have to start your business, because you can start your venture with just one cheap washing machine.

The coin laundry is defined as commercial grade, self-service laundry equipment placed into service in a retail space, whether inside of hotels, apartment complexes and of course commercial retail space "which is the most popular" and mainstream.

Our eBook teaches you how to start a commercial coin laundry operation using minimal amounts of cash resources.  If you visit any laundromat, most of them have standard, residential top loading washing machines & dryers.  You can be creative, and you really need a couple of hundred dollars to start.

And who says that you need to rent a commercial retail space.  What you can do is set up agreements with various hotels, motels & apartment complexes and set up your coin-slot converted standard washing machines at the establishments.  You'll simply give them a 30% cut from your profits.  Given the percentage of people live in the apartment complexes, and visitors at hotels in your area, you will see that you can make just as much as running a retail, strip mall operation.

There are little start up costs and minimal risk, with enormously high profit potential.  A recession proof business opportunity that you just can't pass up!







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